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    On Aug 14, 2016 david doane wrote:

    Our work, responsibility, and privilege is to love the world.  Our world is Mother Earth, and we are of it.  What we do to it we do to ourselves.  We pollute it, exploit it, disease it, kill it, and we pollute, exploit, disease, and kill ourselves.  We take care of it, enjoy it, embrace it, love it, and we take care of, enjoy, embrace, and love ourselves.  Just a few days ago I saw the most beautiful sunset and sky I have ever seen.  In that experience, what mattered most was to stand still, be in the moment, and be astonished.  In and through such experiences I learn to be astonished.  The practice that helps me develop gratitude for my life is being aware that I am alive at this time in this body, reminding myself that I am part of all that is, reminding myself that all that is is sacred, and letting that awareness sink in.  With that practice, gratitude comes easily.

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    On Aug 18, 2016 me, too wrote:

     You are most sacred ... Don't forget!

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