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Reflections on Life from Death Row

On Aug 9, 2016 gumpy wrote:

 As a young man I spent 6 months in solitary in a German prison on drug related issues and that 6 months was the most profound and personally educational period of my life. The lessons learned when one is forced to be with oneself and no others are deep indeed and perhaps may be unattainable any other way.  My lesson was admittedly an easy one at 6 months only and I send all of my heart to Moyo and admire and commend his courage.
This is an important voice (general) that needs to be heard.  Our society is huge and fast, we tend to forget those on the fringes and the fact that they have important lessons we all might do well to share.

On Aug 11, 2016 Amy wrote:

 Amen!  We are all on the fringe of something!  There will always be those, who by think they have absolutely NO "fringes" ... In this case, their lesson to all of us would be that ... "There are liars in this world ... They're illusions of truth and power .... And that is not OK.


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