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Reflections on Life from Death Row

On Aug 8, 2016 C. Ravindranath wrote:

 Moyo's story is another sad example of our judicial system. When 'Angulimaal' can turn over a new leaf under the influence of the Buddha, why are we condemning those who have erred? I have met many like Moyo in Indian prisons and they were veritable saints, making me wonder why they were inside a prison when many who ought to have been inside were roaming outside scot free. Are we using prisons as 'correctional' institutions or are we mistaking vengeance as justice? What can we do to stimulate and nurture the good that is in each one of us?

On Aug 11, 2016 me wrote:

 Jesus does not condemn those who error .... He condemns those who error righteously  (without  remorse/sorrow/calling on the Holy of Holies, God, Jesus and Holy Spirit I repentance.). Love and forgiveness nurtures good!  


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