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Reflections on Life from Death Row

On Aug 6, 2016 chris wrote:

I find myself surprised and moved by this writing as an Awakin passage.  I relate to Moyo's deep desire to in some way be useful or of service to life; his protest to not have his organs poisoned during a lethal injection process so that they can be donated to others...just strikes at the heart.  Disarming sincerity and heart-cracking volition.

I remember thinking many years back that if I didn't seem to be making much of my life in my standard context, that at the least I could go to any place that had apparent needs and just volunteer, make some use of my life.  That's kind of a strange thought for a college-age kid in some ways, but in others maybe not.  I have since come to see other angles of that thought: that in many ways it is myself that I want to serve, my own sense of peace that I want to find ways to keep cultivating.

Moyo acknowledge an important part of his practice: to see things clearly, as they are.  I recently heard (and someone please correct/amend if you know better) the literal translation of a Pali word "panna", typically called wisdom, is something like "to see things from multiple angles."  Part of what's so touching to me in Moyo's sincerity is his acknowledgement of multiple angles: e.g. his cell as different from a monastery cell but at the same time affording some similar opportunities.  I wonder if he sees/can get the feedback from the angle of his art and writing touching others.

His drawing looks to me like a kind of E.T. Buddha. :) Haha, I like it very much.  Thank you for sharing Moyo.

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