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Stepping into the Present Is a Gift

On Jul 31, 2016 david doane wrote:

I like the line that ego has a phobia about the present, and I agree.  And I agree that ego's job is to keep us safe, though it often peddles an illusion of safety, steers us wrong, working to keep itself safe rather than do what is really best for us.  Ego is the connection between unconscious and conscious, between instinct and reason.  It can serve as a navigator in the world.  The ego has some power, and power often corrupts.  Just as power goes to some peoples' heads, the ego easily goes overboard with its own power and operates as though the person works for it rather than it works for the person.  Ego often becomes out of control.  There have been times that I have related from my heart, related simply, honestly, and openly, and ignored my ego's warnings that I'll look foolish or be embarrassed or be hurt, and such relating has been my happiest.  For me, learning to be in the present began in psychotherapy and many psychotherapy related experiences, and now being in the present is its own reward.  I've become more aware of the present and am quicker to go back to the present when I get away from it.

On Aug 4, 2016 amy wrote:



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