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    On Jul 30, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Carolyn Hobbs' writing resonates deeply with and within me. As I understand, each one of us has two identities: Ego Identity and True Identity. Our ego identity is developed in social contexts and social milieu sustained by identifying ourselves with ego identity and living in that socially conditioned bubble. Since all of us are born in a social nest, we all are impacted by our upbringing and social transactions. Such conditioning  serves to some extent our practical functions of living. However, it restricts and limits our inherent capacity to develop and cultivate our true identity. Our true identity has its own authentic true voice not suppressed or muffled by the voice of the ego identity.

    When we live and behave from the center of our true identity, we feel whole and wholesome, relating to ourselves and others genuinely, empathetically and compassionately. We become each other's brother keepers.It is a relationship in which join our heads, hearts and hands come together. We move from ego bound identity to transcendental true identity. We move from an unawakened and ignorant state to an awakened and enlightened state, from bondage to freedom, from darkness to light. We regain our childhood- a source of  pure and joyful energy, seeing our face in other's face.We make wise choices and build and sustain our infra structure of loving kindness, brotherhood and sisterhood.
    How do we make a shift from ego identity to true identity? All wisdom traditions have explored this ever present and universal challenge of humankind and have offered pathways to realize our true nature and be happy and blissful. Our challenge is to embrace the pathway that suits our personality and consistently practice it in our everyday living. Following such a path with mindfulness  has been a blessing to me.It has helped me to live in the present more fully. When and if my mind goes away from the here and now consciousness, I  become mindful of my wandering mind and get centered. With practice, it has been easier for me to walk on this mindfulness path. My daily transactions with a variety of people have become more genuine and compassionate. Now when I go back to "sleep", become unmindful, it does not take much time for me to wake up and be mindful. This is a lifelong journey and I am embracing it with hope, joy, and  gratitude. 

    May we become each other's brothers and sisters' keepers and  be grateful for receiving Divine blessings!


    Jagdish P Dave'

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    On Jul 30, 2016 Jo wrote:

     Amen!  We are each other's answered prayer.  Thankful!


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    On Aug 1, 2016 Laurie MacAdams wrote:

     Beautiful Jagdish P Dave'. Thank You with Love and Gratitude. 

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