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Relationships Make You Conscious, Not Happy

On Jul 20, 2016 john schouten wrote:

 My Name is Mr. John schouten. I will love to share my testimony to all the 

people in this forum because I never thought I would get my fiancee back who 
means so much to me. The girl I wanted to marry left me 4 weeks to our 
wedding for another man, when I called her she never answered my calls, and 
also deleted me on Facebook. When I went to her place of work she told her 
boss and everyone in her office she never wanted to see me again. I lost my 
job as a result of this due to depression and heartbreak, my life turned 
upside down and everything changed for the worst. 
I tried all I could to get her back due to the love I had for her, but all 
did not work-out until I met a Man on my journey to Africa for some 
business opportunities I had been nursing some years back. He seemed a nice 
guy, so I opened up and told him my problem and all that I had passed 
through in trying to get back the love of my life and how I lost my job. He 
told me he was going to help me, and although it seemed impossible I had a bit 
of faith, all thanks to the desperation that dwelt within my soul. He swore 
he would help me and convinced me by telling me the reason why my 
girlfriend left me coupled with some hidden secrets of my life. I was 
amazed when I heard that from him. He said he would cast a spell for me and 
I will see the results in the next couple of days.
I traveled back to USA the following day, I called him when I got home and 
he said he had bought all the materials needed for the spells and was busy 
casting them, he said I was going to see positive results in the next 2 days. 
Like clockwork on a Thursday afternoon, my fiancee called me at exactly 
12:35 pm and apologized for all she had done, she said she never knew what 
she was doing and her sudden behavior wasn't intentional and promised not 
to do it again if only I’d accept her back. I swear to you it was like a 
dream hearing that from her.  When we ended the call, I called the man and 
told him my fiance had called, but he told me I hadn't seen anything yet, 
he said I was going to get my job back in 2 days time, and on that Saturday, 
highly anticipating, they called me at my ex-office that they wanted me to 
resume work on Monday  and that they were going to compensate me for the time 
wasted I had spent at home doing nothing. My life is back in shape, I got 
my job back, and I got my fiance back, who by the way I am happily married 
to today with kids.
To me this man is really powerful, if only we had more people like him in 
the world the world would really be a better place. He has also helped a 
couple of my friends to solve many of their personal problems which has 
left them happy and satisfied with life. Am posting this to the forum for 
anybody that is interested in contacting the man for help. You can send him 
a message through email at 
I can't give out his number because he told me he doesn't want to be 
disturbed by so many people but he did say his email was a sure means to 
reach him and will reply to any emails as soon as he could. Hope he helps 
you out too......Have faith and Good luck!!
Email at

On Jul 28, 2017 Aliase Andreas wrote:



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