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    On Jul 19, 2016 colleen wrote:

     i def needed to hear this today and hit on many points, personally.  I do believe that because of our modern day healthcare system, there are those who are potentially diagnosed depressed and are in fact distracted and the person doesnt even realize it.  I also know that there is true clinical depression and emotional disorders., however i do have to say that as we have our high or positive times/ points , just agreeing that when we are at a point when we have become distracted for whatever the reason, we are vulnerable to the distraction which then throws us into a depression as we only see what  is wrong and focus on it.  sometimes its very real and there is not a quick fix, which makes us even more depressed and distracted.  and i agree that the more distracted we become, the more energetically our vibration becomes lower and we have a harder time lifting that vibration, esp if we are trying or left alone to do so.  I feel that if those of us who are able to remind ourselves we are distracted and that will lea us into depression, and try to find the distraction, like untangling the necklaces in a jewelry box so to speak, we have to start somewhere and maybe we untangle our selves a little at a time.  i am not saying its easy or taking this lighty, as i am trying to untangle myself right now.  so i relate.  this was great to hear   im glad i listened and didnt just read.

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