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With Fullness in Life, Everything is Possible

On Jul 18, 2016 Bradley A Stoll wrote:

 When I first read this, I immediately recalled a Prince Ea video that I recently watched, which can be found here
It seems that much of what is written about in this passage causes sadness, and I'm not sure that sadness is depressions equal. To me, depression stems from a feeling of hopelessness. I've certainly had my share of sadness, as we all have. I'm not so sure that I would classify any periods of my greatest sadness as depression, though. I've known several beings, including family members, friends, and students, who have died by suicide. To me, this is the pinnacle, or maybe depth is a better word, of depression. To not know the kindness, love and compassion that others have for you; to not know the beauty that you have to offer the universe; to not feel meaning in your life...that, to me, would be depression.

On Aug 3, 2016 Susannah wrote:

 So beautifully  many of these responses.  As EVERTHING is energy, all 'negative' energy is is a low vibration.  Words can have high or low vibration.  Depression is just one such word ... and our 'natural' chemistry is always adapting. We can raise our natural vibration with our thoughts ... and with beauty, nature, music and more.  We
've sadly become too used to negative thoughts, too expectant of quick fixes ... drugs, alcohol, food, sex, tv ... the 'drugs' are endless,  and may give short term relief. And we always must come back to ourSelf.  I send so much love to you.  Blessings and a deep bow.


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