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On Jul 18, 2016 david doane wrote:

I think of losing something as losing track of something, not knowing where it is, being deprived of something by my own doing or someone else's doing.  Something may still be mine although I've lost track of it.  Losing something in that sense is possible.  That something was given to me doesn't mean I can't lose it.  In this world, just because I didn't make something doesn't mean I can't own it.  Second, I as well as all of us have done things for love and not obligation.  I'm writing this paragraph for love of expressing myself and not out of obligation.  I spend time with many people for love instead of obligation, at least most of the time.  I go to most happenings out of love, not obligation.  Third, as I think of it, at least a lot of depression is pressing down or denying my wants and real self instead of expressing and living my wants and real self.  Distraction is a way of losing track of self, getting away from self, and is depressing.  Having experienced depression as a result of distraction from my real self and seen others depressed as a result of getting away from real self helps me stay aware that distraction can be depressing.  I also know that distraction doesn't equal depression.  There is distraction that is not depression, and depression that is not distraction. 

On Jul 23, 2016 jo wrote:



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