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With Fullness in Life, Everything is Possible

On Jul 17, 2016 rahul wrote:

Another way of re-stating this is that life is offering sufficiency at every turn for the task at hand.  Our distractions keeps us unaware of the underlying ebb and flow, and never quite clear enough to know our purpose in the moment because of the momentum of the past or the grasping for the future.  We experience that dissipation and energetic gap as depression.  For all those who face some form of clinical depression, the question I hold is whether depression preceded thought, did thought precede depression, or do they arise together and support one another?  Do we believe what we experience, or do we experience what we believe?  I suspect that getting to the bottom of these questions will create the space and energy to rise from the downward spiral we experience in depression.

On Jul 23, 2016 Sandra wrote:

 Very Good !!  Wish I knew the answers ....


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