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Giving Up is Different From Letting Someone Down

On Jul 16, 2016 Sara wrote:

 Our daughter is in a marital crisis and is seeing a therapist. She is not communicating with us despite our calling and emails. It feels like we are really being left out. As I read this reflection I see that there are some things we have to give up. One being in control of our children's live's outcomes. We want to help but at this time our daughter does not want or can't reach out. We have to "let go" and trust in the process hopeing that her situation will work out for the best.

On Jul 25, 2016 BigCheech wrote:

 Hi Sara, the irony is that your attempts at trying to help your daughter is more of a struggle between you and reality and your daughter intuitively knows this. You have to come to grasp with the fact that we are not in control and frankly have never been in control and love naturally emanates from this understanding. Much love, a random guy on the Internet.


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