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    On Jul 12, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     Power is a relational concept and experience. When we try to control somebody in the orbit of my relationship and feel good, great and superior to the other, we loose our wholesome connection with the other person.Empoweng oneself at the cost of others is the root cause of exploitation causing adversarial relationship. When we use power to help  the other, to be connected with the other on equality basis, and with love in our heart, power becomes a great positive force. It results in giving and sharing rather than taking and controlling.Power can kill and power can heal. One has to make a wise choice.

    I work with children and help them to make wise choices in relating to other children and their teachers. When they get caught up in a power struggle situation with another child ot a teacher, I ask them to play a pillow game.In this game. The person who feels like " I am right and he is is wrong'', I ask both the children to take turns and let the other child know that he indeed understand his or her perspective empathetically. The other child  goes through the same process.Listening to each other with an open mind and empathetic heart builds bridges and not walls. We need to build more bridges of empathy, respect and actions.

    I use the same model in interpersonal communication and relationship. If we do not  learn and practice such positive  way of working on our relationships on all levels family, community,  economic and political, we are planting and nurturing the seeds mutual destruction.

    May we keep our mind and heart open to relate to differences wisely and constructively!


    Jagdish P Dave

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    On Jul 14, 2016 Namaste wrote:

     I wish you could work with "our world"!  Saw what you speak of just today . . . Lord we needs You!  Praying ...

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