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On Jun 13, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

 "Be true to yourself" is one of my guiding mantras. When I act according to this mantra, I feel whole, clear, energetic, creative, compassionate and liberated. My inner  pure and clear voice has always helped me to walk on the right path. 

When I feel conflict in me, a divided self, I have learned not to listen and follow that voice. I take time out, sit, be quiet, take deep breaths and mindfully process whatever arises in my mind pertaining  to the confusing conflicting situations in my life.Such mindfulness and compassionate presence with my conflicting self helps me to be grounded and listen to the true friendly voice inside myself. My closed and deaf ears open, my cloudy eyes become clear and my heart receives the grace of the voice of my true self.

It has not been always easy for me to listen to the voice of my trues self.There have been times in my life when I have turned my deaf ear to my true self.When I get caught up in fulfilling my selfish desire or need, I move in the dark zone and refuse to see the light of my true self. After some time and it has not been right away, I realize my own stepping over myself and hurting me it and that way hurting someone associated with the situation.

I have cultivated courage to be my true self and free myself from my self created bondage. I feel light and unburdened and feel free to relate to the other person in a compassionate and loving way. My transformed self heals me and heals the other person. I know it is an ongoing journey. It is my realization that it gets easier and relatively quicker to be true to one self and live accordingly. According to the Buddha, when we remain awake and open, we naturally walk on the path of liberation. I bow to the Buddha for teaching this mantra of inner liberation for peaceful living.

May we all strive for listening to the voice of the true self and live our life following our true inner voice. Namaste

Jagdish P Dave

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