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On May 31, 2016 Susan B. wrote:

Elizabeth, I am inspired by your writing... I've had a desire to live around the world, to work and live in different communities.  My life has been quite mainstream as a single mom focused on children and family and providing.  My daughters are grown and on their way in their lives now... still I couldn't figure out how to make this live/work idea come to life for myself... then I lost my job and, to coin a business term, a forcing function occurred in the need to find a new job. I began to spread my net of out reach for a new job, as well as my networking and some educational efforts, to include opportunities abroad... I also allowed myself to dream more about the possibilities, what it might look like, how it might feel to actually live and work in another country... low and behold, I was recruited for a job in China - I accepted!  And my exciting journey to live and work in other communities has begun! 

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