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Magic of Service

On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun wrote:

  • Heaven/hell story: to serve others is heaven, to serve yourself is hell.
  • Difference between sensibility and sensitivity
  • Sri and Tristan's journey to Africa: giving is selfish?

  • What really motivates? Happiness. It's neither selfish or selfless.
  • We don't give to help, but to feel good.
  • Every kind act creates a ripple of compassion
  • In Japan, Raj's mentee would call him all the time, even if he's at a bar. Because of the mentor role, Raj changed; he needed it me more than I need him.
  • There's actually an Optimist club
  • All religion say: in giving we receive.
  • Wayne Dyer: seratonene increases when you give ... and receive
  • Only way to keep service selfless is to be spontaneous
  • No discrimination is when it the only way something is selfless
  • Selfishnes only comes into the picture when we are separate
  • shift from mind state of separation to heart state of unity
  • Not for-getting but for-giving
  • Homeless man turns philanthropist!
  • [Shilpa?] asked a Jain monk: why is life is so dificult? He simply replied: "Wear your own shoes and hold your own umbrella."
  • [Fred's?] motto in life: make one person happy today
  • Anyone can give. Scott is going to start a listening club. All you have to do is listen.
  • Why analyze? I'm there, the kid is there. No one is serving anyone. We are just connecting. Maybe that's true service.

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