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Relationships Make You Conscious, Not Happy

On Apr 15, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

I have been learning a lot about me by my relationships with others. The other becomes a mirror for me to see my true and original self. My transactions with significant people in my life make me see those parts of myself that I unconsciously hide from me. They create a larger space within me to look at me, hear me, show my limitations and help me go beyond the self  limiting boundaries I have unconsciously created in me.It has not been always easy to acknowledge and accept my shortcomings.
Such a journey is an ongoing process for me. I am grateful to people in my life for removing my blindfolds.
When I notice anger arising in me by someone's behavior, I pause, breathe and become aware of my own reactive thought and emotional patterns. Creating such quiet space within me helps me to respond wisely. Such experiences and behaviors help me to connect myself with others empathetically and enrich our relationship. I am very grateful to people in my life for helping me understand my my conditioned and habitual patterns of reacting rather than responding. I am happy to travel on this path. Namaste. Jagdish Dave


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