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    On Apr 5, 2016 Lloyd Hansen wrote:

    I agree with the observation that vulnerability is a condition of being. I suggest that we can choose to be consciously or mindfully vulnerable or we can choose, often by default, to be threatened or overwhelmed by vulnerability. One approach moves from love and abundance, the other from fear and scarcity. I know that there are times when I am in fear and need, and so vulnerability can feel like weakness. There are ever more times when I am in my heart which I have opened to another, and I experience vulnerability as a great strength for I have learned through practice that it is in vulnerability that I connect most deeply with others, with spiritual meaning, and with this amazing universe and our beautiful planet. 

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    On Apr 5, 2016 me wrote:

    When I was a girl (growing up in my parents home) I felt extremely vulnerable.  My home lacked peace, predictability and the freedom/ability to verbalize fears/ideas contrary to my parents rule.  We were invited to leave any time we did not adhere to "the way things were done here".  Too, I grew up in an age where "you did not air out dirty laundry"!   I was weak.  I learned not to have an opinion.  I learned to do as I was told.  I learned to submit.   
    Interestingly, it wasn't until my boyfriend (now husband) came along, when I was a junior in high school, that I noticed "improved thinking" within my home.   Hmmm ...  Not a surprise, I became comfortable when with my "boyfriend" as he became a force for the good within our home and personal protection for me.
    Today, I am still weak and needy though the "forces around me" have changed.  I believe we all are "incomplete" (greatly vulnerable) until the moment of our "completion" ... union with God.
    Until then, we are to love each other deeply ... since we are all in the same boat while here on earth.
    You, I love.  
    Again, amen. 


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