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Vulnerability is the Path

On Apr 4, 2016 david doane wrote:

The author says to feel is to be vulnerable.  I believe that to be is to be vulnerable.  Everything, living and not living, is vulnerable, that is, hurtable, woundable, damageable.  To be human is to not only to be vulnerable but also to feel vulnerable.  In addition to humans, much that is living -- I'm not sure if all that is living -- feels vulnerable.  Spirituality involves becoming more whole, more of who and what I am, and becoming more whole involves being and allowing and  risking vulnerability.  Being closed up and trying to prevent vulnerability gets in the way of my becoming more whole and thus gets in the way of my spirituality.  Much that I have learned about myself has come as a result of being vulnerable.  Some important learnings about myself that came from allowing myself to be vulnerable are that I am more okay, more  powerful, more loveable than I believed.  What helps me to allow myself to engage with vulnerability is knowing that I am vulnerable, knowing that there are growth and spiritual benefits from allowing vulnerability, knowing that to fight vulnerability is to fight life, knowing that being vulnerable helps me to connect with myself and others.

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