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On Jun 12, 2006 Viral wrote:

  • Spirituality is within
  • We have to know the language of the heart, to read that book.
  • Thinking outside the box experiment: listen to the chatter in a restaurant or a room; don't zoom into one conversation but hear the chatter. Like the "birds chirping" in Ajahn Chah's quote.
  • Before I was listening to everybody but my heart. But now, everything is better -- there's beauty in the freeway even, I notice people smiling, little thing become beautiful.
  • Letting go actually makes your happier -- kind of ironic.
  • Your true teacher is yourself. Despite accepting a teacher, I feel like the teacher was always there. I just recognized it in this form.
  • Being with a 3 year old, I realized I was a 3 year old.
  • Turtle mustache made me laugh :)
  • When squirrels ate all the tomatoes in my backyard, it would really be annoying. Eventually, I just let go. I figured it's my service to the squirrels. What a relief from anger!
  • Chance to practice patience today: a fender bender on the road.
  • Challenge turns into beauty after a while. Dirty apartment stairs became clean, when I finally stopped being annoyed and asked the apartment manager.
  • Internal things can be let go -- what about something external? Can you really let go or are we all going to be activists?
  • Truly letting go of the outcome is to come from a space of love, even if you're resisting.
  • Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
  • Olympics: a cabbie in athens returend the silver medal! Cabbies have soooo many opportunities to do acts of kindness. My dream job.
  • Ajahn Chah's quote could be rap lyrics: if it aint' good, it'll die. if it don't die, make it good.
  • Paying lot of attention to the mind -- even if you see the light, can you be the light?
  • The more external reward you have, harder it is to do it. KG, no grades, and everyone enjoys school. High school, not quite the same.
  • gandhi -- what ever you do is insignificant, but it's most important that you do it.
  • You can't light someone's path without lighting your own.
  • Whatever you do, like it.

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