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    On Jan 29, 2016 Jagdish P Dave wrote:

     I love this idea of sufficiency which creates and sustains a deep sense of contentment. If we focus our attention and our energy on sufficiency, life will be less complicated and less stressful.The economic gap between the classes-the upper, middle and lower- will decrease or hopefully dissolve giving birth to sharing wellness- based wealth according to the needs of the people.As we all know the money-based democracy is not  creating cauthentic political democracy.This is one of the reasons why the  have nots resent and rebel against the haves. We do not have to go back all the way to the Roman Empire to test this idea.We see how it prevails in all countries, the richest and the poorest.

    I like and endorse this radical idea and I find it relatively easy to apply it in my personal life and in my family.I have simplified my life significantly. We feel much lighter as we have reduced our load of having more and better and newer things in our lives. We have more time to spend with each other, enjoy what we have. We are more relaxed , contented and happy. Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa  are contemporary examples of simple and higher living. They had profound inner richness. They did not live their life on scarcity but on inner abundance, inner richness or inner wealth.

    Our financial system is based on consumers economy-the more they consume, the more we produce. We need to pause and ask the question-at what cost? The answer comes from within if we shift the idea of happiness. It is the deep contentment we feel in ourselves. A deep sense of fullness and fulfillment we cherish everyday.It is a wonderful feeling of joy we feel in giving, sharing and serving others. To me this is spiritual living. I am blessed to have inspiring people in my life  as models teaching me the lesson of simple living and high functioning.

    We are all together like a family, the children of Mother Earth. We need to learn to love over neighbor living next to our house or far away from us.We need to make a shift from what is it for me to to how can I reach out and extend my helping hands.

    May we relate to others with compassion and kindness and fill the cup of our life with contentment, joy and happiness!

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