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The Same Self Is in All of Us

On Jan 25, 2016 s wrote:

to me it means pulling out or bringing to life what is authentic and truthful in the self and in others. 

whether it is with the self or between people, this involves a deeper kind
giving and receiving that flows like a deep river even though the waters on the surface
might be choppy.

another way to express this follows:

You are my stillness. I am your silent climbing moon.
You are this endless flow, I am your eagle --your winds-my soaring wings.
You are my inwardness, my intimacy, I am your silent attendant.
You are the nectar of this soul
And I am your drunkenness and you are mine,
with no sobriety up ahead -none of any kind.
You are this seamless body-soul, while I hold this solid form erect for all to see something of you in me.
You are like no other—one in the same as me,
One in the same as he and she and they and we.

On Jan 26, 2016 AL (always love) wrote:

 Most Beautiful!


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