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The Same Self Is in All of Us

On Jan 23, 2016 david doane wrote:

All that is, including each of us, is an expression or manifestation of the Spirit or Mystery that we call God, and responding always to the Self within means responding to that God core of each of us.  There are times that I remind myself of this and go beyond the dislikes and disagreements of surface or form and focus on the changeless invisible Spirit.  I feel a sense of compassion, peace, and satisfaction when I do this.  What helped me see the same Spirit in others that I see within myself is wise mentors who knew this and I resonated to their wisdom and learned from them.  One mentor would say, "I look across the room and see me," and slowly I began to learn and sometimes live what he was talking about.

On Jan 25, 2016 xiaoshan wrote:

 "Who am I to judge a priest, beggar,
whore, politician, wrongdoer?
I am, you are, all of them already"  Song of Myself - Night Wish

On Jan 25, 2016 Caroline wrote:

 This wisdom and truth is very helpful.  The reminder is so necessary for me as I lapse into taking things personally as a human being and forget most of the time that there is only One Self.  Thank you so much.

On Jan 28, 2016 sujeet james sarwan wrote:

 When i wake up each morning my soul touches the ground to say i am still alive am i not? I celebrate life which gives me the biggest reason to live each day... tomorrow i don't know. My man high up in the sky is my master mentor and the very meaning of life's moments. I cherish his will to be a friend supreme tomorrow i don't know.
I value you to be a friend to me, and many such souls desperate to find out where are we?
We are still here my friend ... still here .... still here ..... this moment DIVINE!!!


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