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The Myth of Progress

On Dec 9, 2008 Mr Sajid Hussain PhD wrote:

My Humble Comments Are As Under: "Peoples Are Often Inreasonable And Self-centerd, Forgive Them Anyway - If You Are Honest, Peoples May Cheat You, Be Honest Anyway - IF You Find Happiness, Peoples May Be Jealous, Be Happy Anyway - The Good You Do Today May Be Forgotten Tomorrow, Do Good Anyway - Give The World The Best You Have & it May Never Be Enough, Give Your Best Anyway - IN The End, its Between You And Almighty GOD, IT Was Never Between You And Them Anyway, Have A Good Day Everyday And My Message No 2 is as under:" ( Lets Beat Terrorism & Promote Peace Together ) By ,Mr Sajid Hussain PhD. PhD in international Journalism and media studies. Investigative Journalist From Pakistan, Cell/Tele: +92 345 925 7427 Email:

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