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The Practice of Desire

On Dec 7, 2008 Dr. avnish wrote:

We have got certainly many desires according to infection and association. But when we agree to give up all these desire... Desire must be there. If there is no desire, then you are a dead stone. Desire must be there. Any living being, he must have desires. Otherwise how he is living? He is dead stone. So desire must be there. But is should be proper desire. The proper desire is... Because we are part and parcel of God, so our desire should be how to meet Him again and work with Him conjointly. That should be the only desire. we should have positive desires , we should replace our negative desires with positive ones. When you stick to this one desire, that "I shall serve god" then you are free from all desires; otherwise not. Otherwise it is impossible. Then desires will drag you to different types of body. Then your suffering will increase. Then we have to come to the body of a pig. Because nature's law is very strict. According to your desire, he will give you body. So you desire to serve god You will get a body like god, That's all. There is no question of desirelessness. Why? We cannot be desireless... That is not possible. Change the... Purify the desire. Purify the desire.

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