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    On Jun 12, 2006 Viral wrote:

    • Today is a lunar eclipse! Auspicious time to meditate.
    • Dharma actually means discipline.
    • Moksha means liberation; liberation is right here, not when you die.
    • Ayurveda is not a medical system with herbs; it's not for each one of us but rather about us
    • Ayu refers to body, mind, sense and soul and veda means study.
    • Most people think Ayurveda means classifying people into vatta, kapha, pitta -- that's not it; it's more about state of mind and our awareness.
    • United States people seems to have a lot of "stress". In India people seem to have too much relaxation (even red lights in Delhi read "relax").
    • Yoga has become a fad. There's even boxing yoga now!
    • Out of six hundred slokas in the Patanjali sutra -- only one is about "asana" (posture). The purpose of those physical exercises is to simply show you how to sit without disturbance. And the purpose of yoga is to connect with God, which is the purpose of life.
    • Bhajan literally means seva; fastest way to truth is selfless seva.
    • Generally, we serve the senses; instead of slaves, we have become its masters.
    • Simplest way to be happy is to make others happy; people suffer when we connect in the spirit of self-interest.
    • Essence of Gita philosophy -- don't go the himalayas, temple -- instead fight.
    • Nature of sugar is to make anything sweet; similarly, dharma of soul is to serve.
    • Surrender means follow the rules.
    • Health is a result of happy soul, happy mind and happy body.
    • Understand who you are, what kind of body you have: you have to know (put deisel in petrol car, it won't work)
    • Jiva Institute: if india is spiritual, why is there corruption? if indians are so intelligent, why are they poor? Problem is education. Jiva provide ICOT -- India's curriculum of tomorrow.
    • Eating, sleeping, meeting, defending. We have to move beyond those primal instincts.
    • Physical imbalance -- wrong eating, wrong lifestyles; even deeper -- miuse of intelligence: burgers, fries, and then "diet coke"
    • We can get sick if our body isn't in sync, or if we are affected by an external impulse or because of seasonal imbalance.
    • Ayurveda accounts for genetics. Ayurveda is not naturopathy (which only deals with herbs).
    • If your body is balanced, no bacteria can affect it.
    • Can Ayurveda cure diseases like cancer and aids? Sure.
    • Why don't enough people know about Ayurveda? The word has started spreading.
    • What about dairy? In the US, you don't really milk, because you don't really have cows.
    • Using stones and precious metals for good health? Yes. Body is microcosm of macro.
    • How can we be disciplined? Priority. I travel with my spices. Once we taste health, we can't go for lower taste.
    • How is the organic food in India? Non-existent.
    • The ultimate "Mahabharata" is in our body. Sometimes we behave like Dhritrashtra, the blind king ... so attached, we're blind. Our life purpose is to wake up!

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