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I Have Decided to Stick With Love

On Jan 5, 2016 Zillah wrote:

 For me, strong demanding love that is not emotional bosh is: accountable love, giving and receiving love, love that will bear change and disruption and last as love.  Love that doesn't need from the 'other' or the 'you' in order to continue. Love that must be met. Love that fulfills itself in all things, not by preference or by prejudice.  Love that must be, through it's own isness.  Love that makes us our brother's keeper because we are our brothers, sisters, son, daughters, mothers, fathers, and friends, the kind of love that includes all faiths and all lack of faiths without discriminating between or comparing them, the kind of love that is exhausting and replenishing and most of all must give of itself to serve the whole of Loving. 

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