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The Practice of Desire

On Dec 2, 2008 supun wrote:

I think the perfect counter to the statement, "If you are practicing desire, you are suffering." is Khalil Gibran's "On Passion and Reason". It's about being at peace when you realize that we rest in reason and move in passion. That being said. The thought that came to me is that desire isn't what causes suffering. It's when we keep our selves unconciously engaged in patterns that end up landing us in a wall or building a wall. Desire unquenched can drive us away from choice. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was "If it don't flow, let it go". You can use it in your daily routine, in relationships, music, art, invention, etc. The most important idea I took from this thought is that we shouldn't forget that we'll always have a choice in resting whatever drive desire brings us. is there a difference in the desire of impulse as opposed to the desire of wanting? "you know you have a choice" A great practice of desire is to dance with her and observe letting her go and watching her come come back?

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