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I Have Decided to Stick With Love

On Jan 5, 2016 Sue Tennant wrote:

This is a very inspiring testimony to the possibility of a person aligning with Divine Love. So uplifting and life-affirming. Thank you so much!

It takes time and much experience to develop the mind capacity to conceptualize this kind of Love.  It takes a passion for the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness.  It also takes commitment to serve humanity, especially the most vulnerable.   And since the most difficult human decision is to forgive others, it is the most important.  More than anything, it builds and maintains relationships, the social core of the brotherhood and sisterhood of the human family. 

It's in partnership with God when the soul grows best, and that's when all things become possible.  Even the one day possibility of a worldwide recognition that God is Love and Father of us all.

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