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Cool Loneliness

On Nov 21, 2008 Patsy wrote:

I have been struggling for some time now with the feeling of lonliness in the midst of people who I know care for me deeply. I find that I am often overtaken by the burning desires that come with such a sense of urgency. These thoughts are not only saying that I am not who I want to be, but that those around me are not what I want them to be, as well. There can be no peace or forward movement when we are caught in the flames of wishing and wanting. The idea of coolness, cool breezes, a cool hand on a fevered brow is very healing to me now. How comforting is the image of cool aloness. I find my greatest peace these days alone with God, alone with my thoughts and no-thoughts, even not-really-alone with my animals. If anything can teach you to live in the moment, it's a dog! I will continue to tamp down my flames of desire with the image of the big picture peace life oneness that chases out the self alone. Peace.

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