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You Become What You See

On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun wrote:

  • Tsunami: how do you see it? Destruction, response of service, good news?
  • What is your intention of the year?
  • Be the change you wish to see. But also see the change you wish to be.
  • If you want to see truth, you'll see truth. If you want to see God, you'll see God.
  • Blind Swordsmen (movie: Zatiochi): blind character but he can see a lot.
  • Be like the sun that doesn't discriminate: no moods, depression ... just give light.
  • Can't repress the bad by only seeing the good, but have to respond positively.
  • My cousin was on the beach and saw the tsunami first hand; was shaken up!
  • Ramakrishna cleaned bathroom with his hair ... to break the barrier of the good/bad.
  • Wednesday unplugged: highlight of my week!
  • Secret to 20 good meditations in two days -- skiing! Going down the slopes, I had no memory, no thought.
  • Kids experiencing the tsunami: will they remember? I can't recollect when I fell off the top berth in a train.
  • What we preceive is made up of so many things -- made me realize that everyone is so unique. Yet we're similar and we all respond to good. That's amazing.
  • Someone on the internet said they'll callup my family that's local; somehow it worked!
  • Smile story, a truly anonymous one, of giving ride to some drunk folks outside a bar.
  • Christmas gift: perception shift with my mom.
  • What you are, you see also. And you are what you see. So how do you change your patterns? Everyone is seeing it from their own perspectives. How do you change that?
  • Intention of the year: be here.
  • Patti's birthday is July 20th.
  • Goenka story: seeing someone drop the rolex is one thing; dropping it yourself is another thing.
  • See each action and try to get as many different perspectives as you can.
  • Intention of the year: continue working on compassion; first with myself and then let it automatically flow outward.
  • How do you respond to the tsunami? Don't know. Just be patient.
  • To get there, you need a first step here.
  • World's response is amazing. It's amazing that the heart can quiver with such pain.
  • Difference between goals and intention -- Phillip Muffett article -- intention you live out every single day. Goals come and go.
  • Terrance Mckenna: how language creates our world. We end up naming things. that carriers are barrier with the act of experiencing it.
  • A friend gave me the gift of a Thai word: it meant that feeling of frustrated, lost, etc. indicated that you are on the path to enlightenment. What a relief. English doesn't have that word.
  • Should we absorb things as they are? Or should we have some blinders?
  • Very few animals killed in the Tsunami; the fish are just going with the flow!
  • Pema Chodron: everything that happens is a tool.
  • Last thing that Buddha said: start and continue.
  • Lahri mahasya: you have to keep on, keeping on.
  • Everyone is unique but they arise from the same source, so we're all the same.
  • Can you observe everything?
  • Everything that comes and goes is not real. --Adyashanti
  • What was not real, never dies. what dies was never real.
  • Are the flags moving or is it the wind? It is neither, it's your mind. (Sayaji Uba Khin)

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