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Do What You Can

On Jun 12, 2006 Viral wrote:

  • Doing what you can: flying kites, thread gets tangled up. Seems unsolvable, but bit by bit, it all get resolved. Take whatever step you can, and maybe after that, further steps become clear.
  • Sometimes we're numb to the pain of the world. Until stuff like Tsunami hits us.
  • Not doing what you ought to, but doing what you can.
  • Connection: Satish Kumar: "Only Connect". I don't know how to connect to 100,000 people whose faces I don't know. Answer is somewhere in the keyword connect.
  • Media turns it into entertainment. Everything is countdown or count up. Number of people dying or amount of aid.
  • Human beings are eternal optimists. We never give up. Even when someone is dying of cancer, you breath your next breath till you're able.
  • Lot of times I feel guilty about the lack of activism.
  • Bodhisatva story: every snow flake counts. No effort is wasted. If the intention is right, it's all good.
  • Going to give up caffiene and TV, after going to a 10-day meditation camp. Sometimes it's hard to go outside of yourself.
  • I sat outside in the cold, because I was late. That connected me to what others must be feeling.
  • When you start with your body, you start with yourself. Then it eventually flows to the Boddhisattva, and something that encompasses everything.
  • Shouldn't be thinking about I don't have this and I don't have this.
  • Instinct of doing things one at a time is very prevalent in the animals, like insects.
  • Love the first line -- "I'm a very simple person." That ties into doing what I can.
  • Watching the news sensationalizes the castatrophe. At the same time, I was able to connect with random story about a kid seen on tv, who'se gone through a horrible thing. I like seeing the pics because it makes me face reality and am part of it.
  • Connectedness and lactive. We should send our loving thoughts to our friends in other parts of the world; best thing we can do.
  • In rural Costa Rica, a man reached out and offered his hand. I didn't. Another person helped and I realized all he wanted a hand!
  • "Love poems from God": St. Assissi -- God came to my door and asked for charity and I fell to my knees, "My Beloved, what can I give?" Just love.
  • Andrew Cohen's insight -- timeless enlightenment. There's also enlightenment in time and in action.
  • Horrendous toothache on the day of the tsunami. And then fever. Realized that I can use this pressure to widen the scope of my heart.
  • Mom, roommate, coworker -- all are connected.
  • Arot?... measured the circumference of the earth with a stick. Took a measurement with a shadow. If one guy with a stick, can measure this -- what can we do?
  • Do you want to be on the simple side of simple or the complex side of simple?
  • With natural disasters, we come closer; with man-made disasters, we grow farther apart.

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