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Natural Unfolding

On Jun 12, 2006 Dinesh wrote:

  • Henry David Thoreau: Nature is full of genius, full of divinity that no snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.
  • Nature as probability: it is the nature of 101 highway to have accidents. But having your car totalled was a struggle because it had not come to it's natural end. It seemed violent. But that forced me to take the train everyday. Maybe I have to unnaturally lose the car, so I can let other lessons unfold.
  • What is natural? Is anger natural too? Or should we not let that unfold?
  • Nature helps me but it's hard to remember that. It's like exercise ... I often forget its value.
  • There's a big oak tree in Henry Coe Park -- it seems alive to me.
  • Bright river: 'Waking Life' on stage and you're a participant.
  • Before anything, there was light; it was light only because it was contained in darkness.
  • At a certain spot in the woods, there hasn't been much imposition of ideas on it.
  • Don't let personal thoughts or feelings encumber your experience of nature.
  • Quote by George Bernard Shaw: "Person who cannot accept self change, cannot change anything else."
  • Hiking is a form of meditation -- trees have been silent for so long and I can feel it.
  • Personal goal: try to be more in nature, no buses grinding or people rambling.
  • Nature is an incredibly important teacher for me.
  • In Australia, once, I honestly felt the presence of rocks ... what they had been through and experienced.
  • Listening to the wind helps me a lot.
  • What happens if the natural unfolding is disillusionment?
  • "If you choose to sit it out or dance, I hope you do dance."
  • Any choice you make will be your nature too. And you don't know it till you get there.
  • Sun God's prayer: consort of shadow.
  • Sometimes half poetry is more true than full poetry.
  • When I see dead nature (like broken concrete), I feel nature calling me to ask me -- can you do something with this?
  • Beauty of nature vs. beauty of city: what's the difference? I don't know but I get more drawn to nature.
  • Natural folding -- folding is also a part of nature. All things die. But whenver that happens, we resist.
  • Is negativity nature? Are these walls nature? Is white nature? There's a different energy ... a temple vs. a bar.
  • In terms of emotion -- what is more natural -- anger or compassion? For me, it's compassion.
  • Both light and darkness are constantly trying to coming together.
  • What makes nature special is that it's beyond us -- that gives us nothing to attach our thoughts to. And connecting to that, gives us a certain sense of joy.
  • Flowing with nature, accepting nature as it unfold moment to moment, is key.
  • Ocean: fish are plants, bigger fish are eating smaller fish. It's all nature. Growth lies in accepting that. The city and the street and the garden and the parks.
  • One of the first American to go to Japan to study Aikido learn a valuable lesson: simple kindness trumped violence.
  • Recently in the Amazon in Brazil, I saw two rivers next to each other, but they don't mix with each other!
  • I know a person who meditates best when in the midst of people; particularly, the trains of India! Most people go to find "nature" or peace, he rushes to find chaos! :)
  • What I remember about nature is the smells -- almost the internal part of that experience.
  • Central concept of spiritual path is to find our true self.
  • River metaphor vs. climbing to the top of the mountaintop metaphor. With one you flow, with the other you struggle.

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