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    On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun wrote:

    • Advice for a pilgrimage ...
    • respect everyone, not criticize, be balanced, no lies, don't steal.
    • My offering to you: reciting the Earth Store Boddhisattva chant 10,000 times.
    • In some way things can never stay the same, especially after a pilgrimage.
    • Connect with everyone, every single person.
    • When tiny things upset you, push it further. Crank it up.
    • Pilgrimage is in our nature. Take me with you.
    • Getting out of your comfort zone ... sense of openness comes alive in you.
    • Make sure you have a return tickets. :)
    • Quote-a-day: at the end it doesn't matter how many years you've lived, but rather the life in those years. Just live!
    • I'll sing my offering: seven lines of the poem that starts with-- every step is a destination, through an ancient nation, not in a rush not a run.
    • Should a return be immiment? Maybe, maybe not.
    • Hiking in Africa, I came down a slightly different path. Creates the most amazing view. Take it on with an adventurous spirit.
    • Stay honest.
    • No short cut to any place worth going to.
    • Make driking water a routine.
    • I came to wednesdays through sheer chance; I offer my gratitude
    • Keep doing what you've been doing
    • As you travel, you enter the unkown; don't let that distract. Remain equanmious.
    • Follow your hearts, live in the moments.
    • Moving, changes, journey: whenever you leave a place, you leave behind pieces of yourself. Instead of leaving pieces, for me it's about finding pieces. Build your jigsaw puzzles as you must.
    • I regret the pieces of myself that will be going away.
    • Knowledge obscures reality.
    • My wish for you to is to have lots and lots of fun.
    • Indian version of "The Motorcycle Dairies" ...
    • Take it as it comes
    • Feel really privileged to have the opportunity to go
    • Wednesdays make me find my balance. Thank you.
    • Dancing like a free spirit.
    • Janani's Sanskri sloka as a blessing.
    • An experience with Shilapiji at CTTB was the beginning of much. If I wasn't open to life, I wouldn't have felt it. Be open.
    • Best travel moment: when a french woman did my laundry, when I helpless.
    • Why travel? Why be out of your comfort zone? You have to fight those questions, fear. I wish you a strong foundation to rely on.
    • Don't guard against paradoxes.
    • Quote on "The journey" by?
    • Accept candt from strangers but you don't have to eat it.
    • If you have nothing but love, it comes back to you.

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