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I-ness At Arm's Length

On Jun 12, 2006 Yaniv wrote:

  • True service is not necessarily about doing good, it is about freedom.
  • You can be bound by chains of iron or by chains of gold, but you are still bound.
  • Vajra sutra - the true form of giving is giving when there is no giver, no given, and nothing being done.
  • Dr. Vasant Lad often says "Samskara is that which leaves scars in your consciousness"
  • There is no difference between the giver and the receiver. When caught up thinking "I am the giver" you are creating a seperation.
  • How do you differenetiate between ownership or responsibility of what you are giving, and yet not being attached?
  • In order to lead it is said you have to have at least a little bit of Ego and identification with your actions. In such roles with so much responsibility, how do you remain unattached?
  • "Give like the rose gives fragrance, spontaneously and effortlessly"
  • It's very difficult not to put the "I" into service. During service events it seems to come out more in the setup and breakdown, but during the actual event, such as feeding sandwiches to the homeless, "I" seems to disappear.
  • Most of the time I'm trying to practice generosity and giving, as opposed to just doing it naturally and without much thought.
  • My husband and I gave away a lot of possessions recently. The next day, upon mentioning how good I felt about not having it anymore his response was "Yesterday you gave away the stuff, but today you still carry it"
  • Bruce Lee's criticism of Martial Arts schools is their focus on teaching many techniques of combat, but when really engaged you do not have time to consider techniques, you have to respond in the moment. He felt you have to be like water and take the shape of the container.
  • Taking care of another in need is a good way to let go of the "I-ness"
  • Letting go of "I-ness" actually makes you feel better.
  • There is a lot of joy in giving, we get more out of it than we give.
  • The root cause of "I-ness" is expectations of results.
  • One of the most selfless relationships is that between Mother and Child. We can learn a lot from that.
  • Yoga means "union" and "Karma Yoga" means being so at-one-ment with your action that there is nothing else taking place.
  • Is it desirable to let go of the feeling of "I" only when performing an act of service or generally in life?
  • Is letting go of "I-ness" limited only to individuals or organizations as well?
  • One can lead without "I" by example, not by claiming a role.
  • True acts of service, a couple of friends own a place and while traveling in the East (to Serve) they constantly open their house to inspiring events even without knowing who would show up.
  • What is the difference between ordinary giving and "saintly" giving? In the latter, there is no resistance to suffering, but an embracing. There is no judgement of what is good or bad, rather an accepting of the nature of existence. From that space compassion naturally arises and thus serviceful thoughts.
  • How to get rid of "I-ness"? If it's not clear how not to give things personally, then you can start by not taking things personally.
  • the Indian word "Ahankar" or Ego breaks down into "A" which is "I" and "ankahr" which is "doing" .. If I am not doing, who is doing? everything we do is a product of multiple circumstances, including service.
  • SO many millions of things have to happen just to talk, to think, to move a finger, how ignorant is it to think that "I" am doing it?
  • My son while travelling said instead of talking, the best is to read my blog and put your comments there - good selflessness.

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