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    On Jun 12, 2006 Yaniv wrote:

    • different people express the truth in many different ways, though the essence is the same.
    • Truth is like the tip of the fire, it is changing moment-to-moment, but it is still the fire.
    • Truth has to be applicable.
    • Even though all of spirituality has not been discovered in humanity, still there is so much that has been discovered to explore. For example, if you believe the Buddhists, there are still eight different samadhi's to experience which are not in my normal consciousness.
    • What is it that is permanent?
    • Often in meditation there is a struggle due to expectations of what should be experienced and what should be practiced.
    • "The only bad meditation is a missed one" Asha Praver
    • High school teacher said "There are no new ideas" .. maybe there aren't, but when you have an idea it is new for you.
    • If we realized that all pain and pleasure is transitory, life would be easier.
    • Maybe emptiness is permanent
    • "not knowing, obstructs Zen. Knowing obstructs Zen. Remember that, what will you do?" Quote in a Zen monestary's kitchen
    • Everyone has a different impression and perception of a certain experience, so how do you determine what is True?
    • Truth is what never changes. It is always True. So any experience of change is not the Truth.
    • MY Truth is that the more I learn, the more I become aware, the more I can allow myself to go where that awareness wants to take me.
    • Question: Does everything happen for a reason? Answer: Everything happens for a cause, you may not know the reason
    • What is my Truth? I am the Truth
    • J Krishnamurti said "You may be afraid of many things for many reasons, but the constant is that you are afraid. When you are afraid, you are fear itself."
    • underlying all this change there is this definite sense of 'me' .. that doesn't change
    • It isn't so much that Truth changes, but the expression of how to explain or describe it.

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