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    On Jun 12, 2006 Yaniv wrote:

    • How have we in our life been able to expand our awareness of who we are? How have we felt that we have taken that step towards increasing a feeling of unity in life?
    • In the Tibetan debate system, a debator has to debate both sides of a certain issue. Not only does that help to understand the problem at depth, but the purpose is to find the common points which transcend the argument at hand and expand the perpsective on the issue.
    • Everyday I try to concentrate on a certain area of my awareness, to sharpen it.
    • Everyday I feel awestruck at the beauty in the world
    • A good practice for expanding boundaries is visualizing yourself in other people's bodies, trying to feel what they really need.
    • When I found myself not 'in the moment' I used to get hard on myself, until I realized that was propogating myself not being present. I've realized that it is a practice to be in the moment, and when I realize that my mind has wandered, instead of feeling bad about it, I just center myself and keep practicing.
    • I've found that to find peace within myself its not enough just to simplify and let go of things, but that real peace and happiness lies in seeing others happy.
    • What's helped a lot is realizing how everything is impermanent, even states of mind.
    • The joy that comes from selfless service is unquantifiable, but definitely real. Giving to others is a solid way of expanding boundaries.
    • To take time and see an expanded view of how your day-to-day actions really help others is very fulfilling.
    • The beauty of large bodies of water, of the sunset, of the green around you really takes me out of myself and my own boundaries.
    • "A smile is a curve that sets many things straight." Seeing the humour in things often brightens even gloomy situations considerably. This is a way to serve.
    • The shift between having to be right, having to win always to wanting others to win, others to be right, is not only contagious but also my way of expanding boundaries.
    • Before doing anything I ask myself "what is your motive for doing this?" .. I do this mainly for silly things, like where I should sit, and recognized that little things that I thought were random really had motives for them. Little unselfish motives, even for silly things, aggregate into larger unselfish motives.

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