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Divine Darkness

On Jun 12, 2006 Yaniv wrote:

  • How does the idea of impermanence appear in your life?
  • How do these ideas of spirituality and service influence your actions in resolving conflict?
  • 'the effect of impermanence in my life is to take out the fear factor, for I know that even bad things will pass.'
  • By worshipping a deity, such as Shiva, we are worshiping by focusing on the qualities they exhibit, compassion, mercy, strength, justice, sacrifice, wisdom and in turn we are cultivating those things witin ourself.
  • 'When in conflict with another, to harbor any resentment or negativity only eats away at my peace, not theirs'
  • Darkness signifies the existence of duality.
  • "The essence of music is the silence between the notes"
  • 'We have to deal with fear, with darkness, but I'm not sure we should embrace it.'
  • Emmanuel Kant's idea is that Space and Time are modes through which thought arises.

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