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The Main Thing

On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun wrote:

  • All of our skills compliment one anotherís, we do not all have to be the same.
  • You can have lots of zeroís but if you donít have a one in front of the zeroís, you have nothing.
  • Itís not always so clear to know what is really the main thing, often you have to try many things until the main one becomes clear.
  • Main thing is to be honest towards yourself.
  • When spiritual interests developed in me, in the beginning I would read all sorts of ideas other people had about questions I couldnít quite answer. Later, I decided to just walk the path and now Iíve noticed that those same questions donít even matter.
  • Kindness to one another without judgement is the main thing.
  • We need to respect what other people know and who they are. We have to accept people as they are.
  • I always question what path I should take in my life, but I know the path is already laid out and all I need to do is take the steps to walk it.
  • Knowing truth and supporting others in expressing their own truth is what makes me come alive.
  • Main thing for me is, donít be selfish, which is difficult because we all have a self!
  • Everyone has a mission in life, to be constantly seeking what it is, is the main thing.
  • The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose
  • I feel most alive in the company of people who are spiritual seekers.

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