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    On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun wrote:

    • Aside from the unconscious internal computer and the conscious logical analytical mind, there is also what is called the superconscious, that aspect of our beings which is aligned with the principles of the cosmos. Whereas the feelings we get from the unconscious are called instinct, the feelings from our superconscious are intuition
    • Things we see as random are not so random when looked on a different scale. Though we may see thousands and thousands of white swans, the moment we see a black swan we cannot say all swans are white anymore.
    • I used to enjoy taking photos, but now that I've taken a class I don't know how to take good photos anymore because I keep thinking of all the adjustments I need to make on the camera.
    • How can we dip into our superconscious mind?
    • During pregnancy my sister read so many books about babies, pregnancy, birth etc.. .. three days after giving birth, the baby could not stop crying. Later on they realized you cannot put a schedule around a baby, you have to use your natural born instinct to take care of it.
    • Most of us live in our heads a majority of our time without allowing our other intelligences play a role. Intuition and instincts are not experiences just of our heads.
    • Most people keep asking what is my swadharma, what is it I'm here to do? Vinobhe Bhave says if it's really your purpose, it should be effortless, but we've created so many blockages due to all sorts of conditionings. Our task is to peel off these conditioned layers and who we are will naturally arise.
    • What if our base desires are greed or anger, will acting out of instinct be the best thing to do?
    • Every person carries some sort of a 'vibe' which reflect their thoughts and emotions. People who themselves are cleared of much conditioning and thought can see these on others.

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