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On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun wrote:

  • Each person we meet is a gateway to something we don't know.
  • As I grow older I've been thinking how younger children, teenagers, they look up to me and it makes me think "What does it really mean to give?"
  • The only spanish words Ashish knows "Amigos Muchas Gracias"
  • Shunryu Suzuki said "Each of you is perfect the way you are, and you could all use a little improvement"
  • Often it's not just about finding the right answer, but asking the right question.
  • When someone approaches Les Kaye with a problem, he doesn't start by trying to find an answer, but to celebrate the courage and bravery the person displays in just asking.
  • Listening is an important aspect of mentorship.
  • A title of a book "That which you are seeking is making you seek"
  • "Wait, but wait wihtout hope, because hope could be hope of the wrong thing" T.S. Elliot
  • Two of the greatest stories about relationships with mentors: 1) swami vivekananda with Ramakrishna -- convinced by his own experience 2) Yogananda with Sri Yukteswar -- interchangeability between guru and disciple.
  • The words "Formal Guru" have come up, and I do have a "formal guru", but it's one of the most informal relationships I have.
  • Mentoring happens when you walk the talk.
  • Teacher's task: occupy your mind so that the real teachings can come up from within.
  • Yogiraj Gurunath often says "You need a teacher in kindergarden to teach you the abc's, what makes you think that for life's most important task, finding God, that you do not need a guide?"
  • Eric's poem "when a student is ready. A teacher is everywhere. When a teacher is ready students are everywhere. When a teacher looks and finds no students, and when students look and finds no teacher, then graduation is very near.

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