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    On Jun 12, 2006 Nipun Mehta wrote:

    • David Steindl-rast -- connection between gratefulness and midfulness
    • Duane Elgin -- the awake universe
    • Heng Sure -- reflection before you have a meal, on how that meal has come about. the seed of rice -- where did it come from?
    • thankfulness and selflessness are just as connected
    • objects are useful, but we shouldn't become attached to them; if we lose it, then we shouldn't feel sorrow ...
    • have to be balanced between self-identification and obliviousness
    • human beings don't notice the finest resolution -- we pick the resolution that is appropriate.
    • if we are really going to be in touch with objects, we have to have no agenda.
    • can you plan while being in the moment?
    • when i do parallel thing, usually my attention is not fully on any of them.
    • three pillars of zen:
    • true worth of things: what you think, or what others think?
    • dolphins using seaweed as "mufflers" to prevent being stung by stingrays
    • is evolution the increasing usage of objects?
    • amma: starve the ego to know yourself. attachment to objects is about satisfying your ego.
    • important to tatain balance between using things and not letting it define you
    • was trying to find moments where i deeplly appreciated something, and was therefore able to let it go.
    • if i really like something, i can leave it where it is ...
    • the more attachment that you have to certain objects, the more pain it causes
    • objects can organize people
    • what is a moment? modern physicists say time is an illusion.
    • we think that we have the ability to think freely, but from the time you're born, our conditioning constrains the choices we make.
    • the self and the universe are the same thing: microcosm and macrocosm.
    • calvin hobbes: what is the difference between children and adults? adults are just more attached to their toys
    • dalai lama: whenever we look at something, we think how nice would it be if it were in my back yard. the real detachment can be when you can appreciate it and don't need it in your backyard.
    • objects are often symbols of nostalgia
    • i found myself getting attached to non-possession. attachment is to the relationships with the object.
    • some things are so beautiful, and so you want them near you. but it gets to the point where they become clutter and congestion ... i want to be able to appreciate beautiful things in museums :-)
    • appreciate and pay it forward
    • sometimes it's hard to see your own clutter ... objects bog you down without you realizing it.
    • the alchemist: if you're in the moment, and reminding yourself to come back to the moment, suddenly you see things you didn't see before.
    • what exactly is materialism? having objects isn't really it ... you can own objects, but don't let the objects own you!
    • what are objects, and what are valuations? diamonds are of the same chemical stuff as stones, pretty much; so it's about how you value it.
    • possession has a euphoria attached
    • satish kumar: we are like human havings instead of human beings
    • when we multi-task, we have to be more mindful than usual ... we have to switch contexts etc ... and we can only do that wehen we can put a task on auto-pilot ... so you have to be more mindful to multitask, if you are conscious.
    • if we are able to perceive that everything is interconnected, then it's easier to let go of one thing.

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