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Time is a Season

On Nov 17, 2015 Kristin Pedemonti wrote:

 Time as seasons in my view is time as ebb and flow, light and dark, sowing and reaping and allowing ourselves to be aware of all those rhythms. In many parts of the world there is now an unnatural frenetic pace and people and the planet are paying for it in sickness and in stress. When we slow down and are aware of the rhythms through mindfulness it can be transformative and so relaxing. I have felt eternal break into time when I am fully present whether that be in solitude in nature; closely and quietly observing the flow or a river for example or when I am with another and I allow my heart to fully open to that person and that moment; it is as though time stops to allow us to soak it al in.  Meditating helps me escape the prison of time as does going for a walk especially out in nature if possible. Being with animals sometimes helps too, they are so in the moment whether sleeping for hours on end or blissfully playing. Thank you for a reminder I needed today. Hugs from my heart to all of yours.

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