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Time is a Season

On Nov 16, 2015 Sunil,Bangalore wrote:

 Time is also the Age. Every age is a different season in itself. Child- Youth- Adult- Old age. Each stage in the life has its own flavors -  happy appointments - sad disappointments but the life force(soul) remaining the same in each time. The point of time during this journey when one understands this truth,is the time(age) of reckoning- revelation. Different for different persons.Fortunate/Divine are those to have this as early as possible. Then one can strive to be timeless/agenda less. Follow Kabir who said"Lere Nam Lere Nam,Nam Se tire Re Bhai. Minakh Janam  Fir Na Mile". " Yugan Yugan Hum Yogi, Awadhoota(wanderer)". "Apni Madhi Me,Khelu Sahaj Swa-ichha". "Hum Hi Sidha Samadhi Hum hai".

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