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Time Shifting vs Time Management

On Jul 15, 2008 Ketih Allen Lipsey wrote:

Did you ever enjoy a moment at an event that felt so deep, like at your daughter's wedding, or a funeral of a loved one. To template with dichotomy, this feeling comes with the time of momentum, as your fondest memories have a retroactive marination to the moment of time enjoyed. On the flip side to the dichotomy, a new experience savored with the same level or hightened euphoria, comes from more of a voluntary frame of mind, as you set yourself for a purposeful time to remember. Since you choose to enjoy this, the rememberance becomes a catalyst to the expected time of mementum and instantly has the same value. A little twist of words, but on target. Loving life is a learned behavior. Don't be seduced by others values. No one can tell you what your faborite color or taste should be, so refuse to allow others to infiltrate in all your areas of life's enjoyment. Peace be with you all.

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