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    On Nov 15, 2015 david doane wrote:

    There is a scripture passage that there is a time for every season under the sun -- a time to reap and a time to sew, a time to laugh and a time to cry, etc, etc.  I've always liked that passage.  I think there is a season for everything, as everything and every person has its time, comes and goes.   Nothing is permanent.  The challenge is to seize the time that is present, live it with awareness.  The eternal has broken into time for me in moments of intimate interaction with a person or with nature.  In those moments I don't pay attention to time, I forget about time, and I've felt outside of time and in harmony and oneness with the other or nature.  Such moments have only been for a few seconds or minutes in clock time, though they sometimes feel longer and are very special in experiential time.  Living by the clock makes me a prisoner of the clock and wasting of time.  Being present and open helps me escape making time a prison, and time and I are free and alive.

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