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Kindness Includes Everything

On Nov 14, 2015 Hans Dholakia wrote:

Kindness cannot be feigned, nor is it an intellectual exercise or a mental choice.

Kindness is fragrance of the soul ; can a flower that has no fragrance, ever spread it ? Real kindness naturally happens in our conduct towards others  when we feel kind and soft within. When do we do that ? When we have a feeling of abundance of joy. When we connect to our soul, that occurs effortlessly. It is ego that hardens us with limited and limiting consciousness of Me, My and Mine.

The soul indeed has an abundance of joy, but we - our ruling consciousness, our mind - must connect to it. Meditation is the best way, but it is more than just a technique of sitting with eyes closed. The way we live between two meditations, is decisive of their quality or their depth. So right living is another thing that is important. The Biblical Ten Commandments, the Yama-Niyama in Raja Yoga and the essential teachings of all faiths guide us towards right living. Small acts in daily life matter.

A third point is good company. No matter how much we may will, bad company can weaken us and take us astray. Company of good thoughts, good people, good books can make a difference. Gradually, we learn to care - in small things, even when nobody watches. Our ego gets purified, the consciousness, or the sense of belonging, expands. The joy of living deepens, you feel connected to all beings and things. That's when kindness happens. Effortlessly. 

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