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We Are Never Alone

On Jun 24, 2008 michael wrote:

I'd just written a different version of the same reflection: This riff was inspired by an interview with George Carlin when he died last month Consider: If we all come from the big bang, then we are and have always have been everywhere. Somehow we all become individuated. Within that, what we call me will experience opposites – yin and yang. For every yin there is a yang and a yang for every yin. There’ll be plusses and minuses. Relax. You are everywhere and everywhen. If all of one thing is complete, the opposite must also be complete. That makes room for something new to experience. So… Choose to do what you love. Be grateful for this sense of identity. Just appreciate it This sense of you-ness will not disappear; it will change, morph, evolve, take on new form. There’s also an individuated form of energy that we’re just beginning to experience. This energy attracts. Relationships, families, groups will be attracted and will still gather together, in this new form. If this form is human, then sexes, roles and other expressions of being close will mesh in new ways. So whatever you express – love, joy, connectedness, contribution, gratitude is what that form of energy attracts and gives all of it back. Don’t worry; it all works out. (I publish this to subscribers on my site.) ps I'm on the board of GAA, just didn't make it out to San Francisco

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