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Death is Life's Door

On Nov 4, 2015 PRAKASH TALATHI wrote:

                                  Death is Life's Door

-       Shaking hands with death in order to embrace life – 

1) Death is like a deep and long sleep - When we get-up from this sleep find ourselves in a different dress (Body) and at `different address with unknown smiling faces around us.

Only problem is that we do not remember everything of the past and so are confused. There is only fear of unknown and uncertainty in this long and deep sleep (death)!

However, how much do we love sleep? Those who are not getting good sound sleep are constantly grumbling with everyone. People long for their week-end afternoon siesta. We welcome daily sleep longingly; however, we are scared of that long sleep, death. Why?

Because when we get-up from sleep we are energetic and there is guarantee to meet all old faces and life continues. However, in that long deep sleep there is no guarantee whether we will meet again and if we meet, we all will have different masks, clean slate and a fresh start! And that’s life!

We take entry in an unknown family as a new born baby! We come across with new faces, develop relationship and get separated when their or our journey ends.


2) Knowing Truth - If one will know who he is then there will not be any fear of death. When one understands he is a soul but says ‘my soul’ means there is a problem with head and heart. Though head understands heart is not accepting. I am a soul, an eternal energy, body is perishable, comes and goes. So, death is insignificant as I am always there. 

3) Change of Perception – A person is standing on the deck of a ship, his relations gather at the port. When the journey starts, he waves from the deck of the ship, and they wave from the port. The size of the ship keeps getting smaller, becomes a mere point at horizon and then vanishes. Close relations wipe their tears, and someone says: "The ship is gone!"  

But where has it gone?  Gone from sight, that’s all! The diminished size and the total loss of sight are in the viewer, not in the ship; ship is at it was.   And that is death…!


On the other side, the scene is different. Someone sees a dot at the horizon and shouts, 'It is coming!' The dot grows bigger and bigger … finally one sees the ship approaching. As it comes closer, relations and friends notice the person standing on the deck and waving cheerfully.  With joy flowing, they shout: 'See! He is there!' ……….  And that is birth…!


Death is NOT AN END, it is just change of dress (Body) and address! It is new beginning!


So, by changing perception of an event, we can develop an ability to confront and resolve external and internal conflicts, obstacles, difficulties, hurdles and so forth and can liberate from fear. 

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On Feb 6, 2016 Ramesh Narayan wrote:

Well said.....Prakash 


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