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Indigenous Perception in a Modern Body

On Mar 25, 2008 ragu wrote:

Wow! Socratic questioning uses logic as a sewing thread and attempts to stitch together a view of reality in rational terms (in the hope that if that view is closer to truth, it would help human beings live a harmonious life). Whereas, the Apache Tracker's questioning is cultivating awareness in a structured manner without getting into the task of stitching together the answers into a pattern. I suppose the wisdom here is that a greater awareness of 'what is' of even the smallest thing in the world is not a mere view or representation of reality but it is the experience of actually being with it. If everything in the world is made of the same spirit then there is no need to take different manifestations of the spirit, use logic and stitch a pattern and call it knowledge for the purpose of really knowing reality. Being with reality is enough.

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